April 7, 2023

Our company will participate in the GLOBAL SOURCES SMART HOME & APPLIANCES exhibition from April 18th to 21st, at booth number 7L09, showcasing our main product line of smart home sensors.


As a new type of smart home product, smart home sensors can monitor and control the home environment. They can sense parameters such as temperature, humidity, smoke, and gas leakgage, and transmit this data to users' phones or computers through wireless networks, allowing users to stay informed of changes in the home environment.


As a company dedicated to the development and production of smart home products, our company has been committed to providing users with high-quality and high-performance smart home sensors. Our products use advanced sensing technology and intelligent algorithms to achieve high-precision environmental monitoring and control, meeting users' needs for home safety, comfort, and energy efficiency.


At this exhibition, we will showcase our latest smart home sensor products, including temperature and humidity sensors, smoke alarms, carbon dioxide sensors, and other models that cover the most common environmental parameters in daily life. Our products not only perform well in terms of performance, but also focus on user experience and aesthetics, perfectly integrating with home decoration.


It is understood that the GLOBAL SOURCES SMART HOME & APPLIANCES exhibition is one of the largest and most attended exhibitions in the field of smart homes, bringing together the latest and most advanced smart home products and technologies from around the world. We believe that by participating in this exhibition, we can not only showcase our latest products and technologies, but also deepen exchanges and cooperation with peers in the industry, and promote the further development of the smart home industry.


We sincerely invite consumers and industry representatives to visit our booth, learn about our products and technologies, and discuss the future of the smart home industry together.